The car is now parked at a secret location in Budapest. We are at the airport heading back to Oslo. See you all again in 12 days and may you have a lovely new year celebration.

Stage 0 – Day 3

Leaving Prague in a nice winter weather landscape. A little snow on the ground and -1C. We had to stop by ARB to pickup a tent we needed for the African adventure.

Estimated arrival time in Budapest is 14:30.

Instead of going on the highway, we took the backroads in Slovakia. What a nice view and trip it was. Unfortunately we spent som time to grab lunch in a town called Trnava. This was a very nice town that I would love to visit again. Had a very nice Christmas market that was closed? Maybe due to the fact the Christmas is passed?

On the border of Hungary there is a city with the name of Esztergom. It has the biggest Cathedral in the whole of Hungary. Well worth a visit as well. We didn’t stop so the best the picture I got was this:




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Stage 0 -Day 2 Cruising down Germany

Currently cruising down on the autobahn in Germany from Kiel to Prague. The GPS is tracking the route and will be posted once we reach our destination. The weather is nice and the fields are green. No snow here, as we heard some rumors that there is snowing back in Oslo. We are in good spirit, the car is working great and life is good.

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Merry christmas

Yesterday we rolled the car out of the garage. Three Months of notorious hard work has come to an end. We are ready to go. The last two weeks have really been a struggle against time and been driving us close to the edge. It feels so good to be able to finally enjoy the last day before Christmas with our loved ones.

We start stage 0 in just 4 days. Keep stationed.

Finansavisen Motor 16 desember 2017

Please buy yourself a copy of Finansavisen today as there is a great article about us and the trip.The article is located on page 34-37. The pictures were taken earlier this fall, as we had just started to work on the car. After this I don’t think it as a bolt, screw or nut that hasn’t been touched or re-touched.Please buy and read!

Race number 47

We have the official start number. Easy to remember as 47 is the international dial code for Norway. Now it looks like a real rally car.

Clean Water

663 million people lack clean water in the world. 4,500 children die each day in Africa for lack of adequate sanitation. Millions of women and children have to walk hours to fetch water in buckets.
The Budapest-Bamako Rally helping by digging two wells in Gambia this year. Support our iniative and help us raise money to dig two wells so women and children can study and work instead of walking hours for clean water.

Support our rally team by donating as much as you can and be a part of this noble project. Wells will be dug in December in innagurated during the rally in January 2018.

The team that raises the most money wins this year’s coveted Mother Teresa Charity Award.

Packing T-34

Are we ready? No, not quite there yet although Stage0 of the rally is really approaching fast (27th of December). The car is still missing some vital parts and modifications: E.g an extra diesel tank.

This is going to be tight. In the meantime we have started packing gear and equipment. There is so much to pack, verify and repack.


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