Janjanbureh – Tendaba

Without any more incidents during the night, this was the day of the well opening in the village of Sankulay Kunda. It was an official opening with the elders of the village and of the wider community. Women were dancing, singing and making a show, and the Gods of old with their swords and masks running around celebrating.

Like any official opening it took a while with speeches and words of joy. To our surprise the money we raised was also used to build a vegetable garden for the women. Animals had destroyed the old one, so this time they had better fencing and even some irrigation it seemed.

We also donated our last give-aways to the teacher in this village and hope it would be put to good use.

Leaving Janjanbureh we left for the last camp that was Tendaba. In the documentation it looked like a nice place with swimming pool and huts, but as we arrived it was a tiny place without anywhere to make camp, and it had the most dirty facilities I have ever experienced. We had to make camp on the local football field made of hard sand. The locals flocked around us as we put up camp and we were definitely the attraction of the month. We had bought some wood along the way, and prepared to cook a meal from the two sheep legs acquired the day before with sweet potatoes and onion. It was a feast, but the meat was like rubber as it handed hanged long enough to be tender. Camping again by the river made the mosquitoes swarm around us as we went to sleep.

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