About us

Bjørn, Anders and Torleif has been on trips before but this is going to be the furthest by far. The distance we are going to travel is 9000 km. We have known each other for at least 20 years. Here is some background info:

Anders Vik Knutsen

Anders lives in Lierskogen, Norway, with his three boys, the dog Simba and a cat. He is 49 years old and has been passionate about cars and engines his whole life. There is not a tool that this man does not have in his garage. Someone once said that if you know how many cars you have, then you have too few. Anders lives by this motto.

Anders has experienced a lot in his life from being with his parents in Botswana, serving with the UN peacekeeping forces in Lebanon and Macedonia. Living a full year in Namibia (2010) and traveled around the world. He has been CEO and Managing Director for several companies. Anders is very passionate about people and he is always forthcoming, giving and generous. For Anders there is never a challenge that is too big to overcome. He is always positive and he goes to the extreme in helping others. He is truly a likeable person with the right skillset for this trip.

Anders and Bjørn have been best friends since pre-school.

Bjørn Holm

Bjørn moved to Lierskogen in 2009 from Heggedal in Asker. He is an educated mechanic and currently holds the position as CC Manager for Ramirent (which has been his emplyer for 19 years). Since toddling he has loved vehicles and that passion has never stopped. A perfect day for him is a day spent in the garage fixing and fiddling on his car. He strives for perfection in everything he does. There are no shortcuts with Bjørn, and only the best is good enough in all areas.

Bjørn has two grown up children, and has even become a grandfather. He has many friends that he tends and he is always caring to their needs. Bjørn has always been fond of meeting and talking to people loves to sort out issues. Bjørn has also been in the southern part of Africa on several occasions. He is definitely a person that is adventures and a perfect travel companion.

Bjørn has known Torleif since 1996 and they are brothers in law.

Torleif Grasto

Torleif has been living in Lierskogen since 2006 with his 2 boys and his beautiful wife. He is 43 years old and works as a customer success manager in Oracle. Torleif has a passion for photography, cooking and beer brewing. He is also the techy guy responsible for documenting the trip, navigation and paperwork. Torleif is known to be meticulous, proper and careful. He is always up to a challenge and will never give up on his goals. He is easy to be around and doesn’t take himself very seriously.

Anders and Torleif have kids the same age. They go to school together and has been friends since kindergarten.