Driving in the desert

Driving in sand requires driving skills. You have to keep those wheels turning. Also it is recommended to defalte the tires almos completly to get better grip.

You better have that air compressor available so that you don’t have to inflate those tires with your lungs afterwards 🙂

Water! Always bring water.



Here is the teaser trailer on:

As you can see from the route description the end destination was changed from Bamako to Banjul in Gambia. This will be an incredible journey down the Gambian river.

A dream is coming to life….

This is a beginning of a dream come true. It is not our first trip to Africa and certainly not the last, but it is the first going to North and West Africa.  We kind of always had a dream of doing something like this, but maybe going the full way from Norway to Cape Town in South Africa. A trip like that will require a lot of funding, time and stamina. This could be a cool start and a preperation for doing exactly that.

I remember I got a call maybe almost a year back from Bjørn, telling me that I was enrolled in the rally budapest-bamako.
I think the telephone conversation was dead silent for a few seconds before my brain kicked back in. Going on a rally in the middle of the winter from Budapest to Bamako in Mali. Wasn´t Mali a potential unsafe country with recent turmoil? Then again what is the cost of such a journey, what should we drive, how are we doing this. A thousand questions and butterflies in my stomach. Again wow!

The what should we drive question was a little bit uncertain in the beginning. The brand was already decided. It had to be a Toyota Landcruiser. We have had great success and experiences with a Landcruiser that we already have in Namibia. So there was no doubt that this type of vehicle was going to be the right choice. But, should we modify a car, should we try to get one that was partly fitting our needs? The answer came later last year as we got a Toyota Landcruiser from Sweden. Now we just need to do some minor adjustments.


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