We still have room for more Sponsors

We have saved the best spots still on the car for a Platinum sponsor. Please contact us if you visualize your company logo on our race car. I can tell that you won’t regret that investment as we are soon to shine in the media spotlight.

This continent is so huge!

One of the prerequisites is to have a good old fashioned map. Opening it on the dining table just shows the size of Africa. One centimeter equals 40 km. We are going to drive more than 9000 km, which is 2,25 meters on the map. Should be done by lunch 🙂

Car fixing sunday

Today we spent the day fixing the electrical wiring and other maintenance tasks.

The previous owner was not on the cheap side regarding cable lengths, so a little bit of adjustment was done.

It looks good!

A lot of work still needs to be done, but we are preparing for a photo shoot on Tuesday. That is going to be very exciting, and we are  going to update you afterwards.


Today we had a little meeting going through all the papers and filling out the different forms. Everything from insurance to visa applications and FSR (Federation Senegalaise Des Rally). It would really helped to have had French instead of German in school for this.

Also don´t forget to help fund the wells that are to be dug in Gambia. We really need your help to raise the $8000 for the project. Link is in the previous post.


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