Kaye Boubou – Wassadou

Waking up in this circle of mokey-bread trees was something. The locals were still luring around the cars, waiting for gifts and cadeau. I think they got plenty from the different cars and both young kids and old grandmas went around trying to get everything from toys to food and tea. You definetly had to keep your stuff close, but we heard nothing about steeling. Today we did totally oposite of the day before. We started navigating to the first 4-5 waypoints before we went straight for tarmac again and headed towards the camp of Wassadou. This first stage also took us through different villages and we could see the Senagalise country side first hand.

Coming into the city of Tambacounda, we stopped to get som more cash and some bread. We didn’t see anything special, but heading out was something different. There had been something going on this day, with riot police, stones and burning tires in the street. I didn’t feel very comfartable for a moment as we met a pickup truck carrying men with AK47 machine guns.

After this we had no issues as we arrived at the tropical paradise camp of Wassadou and I had the first shower in a very long time.

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