Melilla to Fes

Since we completed the Marathon in record time, we suddenly got an extra day in Morocco. We quickly decided to have this extra day in Africa, then instead staying in Europe. The ferry took across the Mediterranean sea to the Spanish enclave of Melilla at 0600 am.

It was a chaos at the border, but after approximately after one hour we were through both border control and customs. The Moroccans (especially the officials) have been nothing but nice and helpful. In Nador we filled up with diesel, got some money and headed out towards the sea and FES. This was a short but exiting detour to our first destination which was Midelt.

Stopping for some breakfast

We stopped for some breakfast after a little while. Seems like a beach house that is more active during summer. Here we had an egg, bread and cheese.

Going just some kilometres we had another stop at a marked. It looked liked you basically could buy almost everything you needed, and probably a lot was imported from Spain. They had live chickens, fish, fruit, bread, tools, hardware, utensils, clothes and whatever. This was actually quite fun just go around a look. Of course we didn’t go out empty-handed. We bought toilet paper, bread and the best Fina (Norwegian: Klementiner) ever. We bought a plastic bag full of them.

The trip went further towards the Er-Rif mountains and the road towards Fes. The trip took us from sea level to 1700 meters and newly snow. A dreadful weather had just passed in front of us, since we encountered trees that had fallen across the road, mud and gravel that had been carried along with water and streams.

Coming closer to Fes (which is still above 1000m), we came over several markets and some interesting passengers.

The time spent driving took a lot longer than planned, and we arrived in Fes in rain. Going camping was not something we voted over, and it seemed risky to just park the car anywhere. Therefor we came to the conclusion that a finally good night sleep would be a welcoming thing and stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Fes.

Some of us kind of collapsed on the bed immediately.In the background you can see one of the caretakers fixing the door handle that just fell of. It was a very nice stay that recharged our batteries.

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