Not the perfect start

I guess you are all wondering on how the arrival back in Budapest was, and why we did not update the Blog? First of, the trip went very smooth. The car was standing in the same spot we parked it before New Years eve, and we threw our bags in ready to gove. Bjørn turned the ignition key and the whole dashboard lighted up like a christmas tree with a high pitch background noice. What had happened?

We basically had no brakes. We went through the electrical system, fuses, relays etc. But all seemed to work properly. Everything had power. After a little while Bjørn diagnosed that it had to be the little electrical motor that drives the brake system pump that faulted.
Driving very slowly we came to the Toyota dealer, were fist of all they do not have the part and secondly it costs araound €2000,- which is totally out of the question. Bjørn and me tried to fix it until almost midnight yesterday on the parking lot of our Hotel. We will try some more today, but luckely Anders had not left Norway and had the part at home. He will arrive later today and we should be able to replace the faulty motor if we can’t make it work. If not we are basically stuck in Budapest.

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