Midelt to Ouarzazate

The Midelt Ouarzazate was again going to be a challenge for many teams. The destination was the Hollywood of Morocco were amongst movies like Kingdom of Heaven was recorded. We started off by driving the main road N4 out of Midelt towards our destination to avoid some of the snow problems from the previous day.

The task was to cross the High Atlas mountain range, and there are usually enough snow covered mountains in Norway, so that is something we have seen before. There was one sight that we kind of wanted to see today, and that was the dam of Bin el Ouidane, so when we saw a road that looked to go in that direction we kind of skipped the main road and headed in that direction. Further studying the map told that reaching the dam was not going to happen. Anyhow we made a very good choice it seemed. We climbed slowly towards the peaks of 2800 meters. After that we headed towards the main road again and Ouarzazate.

Arriving at the film set in front of the fortress, we were supposed to set up camp, and to a big surprise the temporary office of some mechanics. Anders told them about some noises that we hear from the direction of the front axels. It took like 2 minutes before the car was up in the air on a jack and torn apart. The really knew what they were doing. The big open space was windy, the night temperature forecasted to a -3’C. No specially good place to put up a tent, and the fact that Bjørn still has a fever drove us down towards the city again and the Ibis Hotel where we spent the night. This starts to feel like touring Morocco on first class.

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