Ouarzazate to Tafraoute

The night in yet another hotel bed is luxury compared to what we planned for.

This day’s race to Tafraoute was promised to be a slow, lazy and cosy day. Far from it! It became the day we arrived until now the latest at the finish line. Then again it was spectacular and the first day we went off road.

It was truly an astonishing experience to see probably the most beautiful oasis the whole of Morocco. Arrived at sunset and slept in the official race hotel in Tafraoute. The first city we have seen a lot of people and activities going on driving through it. Tomorrow will be another long stage with more than 800 kilometres, taking the BudabestBamako (B2B) rally into Western Sahara.

[route-map id=568 params=0 topinfo=0 showtravelmode=0 showtitle=0 graph=1]

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